The Love Rivalry คู่ปรับฉบับหัวใจ (English Sub) END


Thai Drama: The Love Rivalry คู่ปรับฉบับหัวใจ

The Love Rivalry คู่ปรับฉบับหัวใจ

Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai : Praemai is a strong and independent girl, who lives with her mother and although they are poor, they work hard to make their living. One time when Praemai goes to an interview for a job, the owner of the company tries to take advantage of her and that is seen from his son Marwin. Marwin who has been adoring Praemai at first, gets very angry and dissapointed in her, because he starts to think that she is his father’s lover. After that he starts to pursue and bully her, but soon he realizes that he actually loves her and tryes to win her heart.

Thai Drama:  The Love Rivalry คู่ปรับฉบับหัวใจ